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A few words about us

You Chef You!

At “You Chef You” we truly believe the dining public would appreciate a different approach to home ready meals, an approach with an upscale flair to it.  With the goal to deliver restaurant-quality food options directly from our chef’s kitchen to your kitchen. This will not be the standard, moderately warm, burger, and fries in a box.  What we have for pick up or delivery, are menu options cooked to perfection with instructions provided, guiding the inner chef in all of us, how to expeditiously re-heat and present to your family with pride.  

Our freshly prepared meals arrive refrigerated and are ready to reheat and eat in 6 minutes or less and serve on your schedule. Bring a pot of water to a slow simmer on your stovetop. Place precooked vacuum-sealed products in simmering water, open & serve. Observe product heating times and special instructions on the provided heating chart.

(Yes, the praise is all yours) You Chef You !

Comments from our customers

He’s a master at what he does…cooks! For the busy schedule, last-minute plans, or “just because”, I highly recommend YouChefYou. From fresh ingredients to your table. Order this “service with a smile” today!

Amazing as Darren’s cooking is always! Cook gourmet for your friends and family in a matter of minutes! One of the best steaks I’ve ever had! Best mashed potatoes I’ve ever had! Prawns and scallops were delicious!  This delivery service is perfect for a gourmet meal at home that tastes like it’s out of a 5-star restaurant!
Cheap eats · Great food · Creative cuisine

We just had the chicken with gravy, broccolini, carrots, and fingerling potatoes. It was delicious and such a great price. So easy and convenient to have a healthy, nutritious, and tasty dinner. We will definitely be ordering from YOU CHEF YOU again.

What You May Want To Know

Nutritional information

You Chef You” is committed to offering a very high nutritional value product menu. We use steam ovens to blanche our vegetables ensuring the nutrients are not boiled out of the product and then we package and sous vide to el dente allowing the final warm-up to complete the cooking. We roast/bake the fingerling potato prior to packaging. Most of the protein items are seared and then packaged and cooked utilizing the sous vide process trapping all the nutrients and flavors in the product.

Suggestions or ordering options

Our chefs have spent a great deal of time constructing a menu that allows individuals to select exactly what they want to have for their meal. We have separated our items so a family of four can order 4 different customizable servings. Pick a protein, add a vegetable or two, select a starch, and perhaps a sauce or two. The portions for vegetables and starch are sized to be a nice portion for a single diner.  In some cases, lighter eaters may split the side portions and be satisfied but we have sized them to be for a single diner.

“You Chef You” is a unique concept when it comes to food take away or delivery. Our cooking and packaging process allows us to enhance and capture the flavors associated with a high-quality restaurant dining experience and deliver it to your door to enjoy at home. Rather than open a traditional packaged take away food option which may arrive noticeably “not fresh” and perhaps a little cooler than a diner would appreciate we provide instructions to quickly (6 minutes or less) re-heat to the desired temperature, plate and serve. Hot, fresh, and as delicious as a memorable restaurant dining experience.

We feel the “You Chef You” concept is perfect for easy meal planning. I would recommend ordering the day before, or two days before, take delivery and store the items in the fridge until you are ready to heat and serve. This allows our customers to avoid any peak times in the takeaway industry. We can deliver to your house, to your office (fridge required), hold for pick up or the delivery companies can deliver on their usual terms.

What you have to do

Place an order for pick-up or delivery. Our menu items are fully cooked, vacuum-sealed and ready to be re-heated the moment it arrives in your kitchen or the items can be refrigerated and enjoyed the next day.

Most folks like a nice hot plate of food. All our customers have to do is bring our fully cooked menu items up to their desired temperature and then plate the items.  This re-heating process is 6 minutes or less and all it takes is bringing a pot of water up to a medium simmer, drop in the fully cooked food products and time them according to our very simple re-heating chart.

We understand that our customers come with differing degrees of skill levels in the kitchen. The easiest method for heating these menu items is to bring a pot of water to a medium simmer and drop in the food items for the recommended time. There are other processes for bringing the items up to serving temperature and we have individual videos showing these options. Stovetop, pan-fried works very well for some of the menu items, roasting in the oven is another terrific option for other items. These videos will be posted and revised as our menu items change over time.

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